About the Artist


Cori E. R. Trout, also known as KunstFeuer or CERT

Education: Associated in Applied Sciences: Equine Science; Bachelors of Fine Art: Art Education

Inspiration for my art comes from many places, though much of it comes from our own natural world, especially the horse. Many of my drawings and paintings also stem from my own imagination and how the world could be. The fantastic things that inhabit our minds alone.

Artists that have influenced me include Lesley Harrison and her wonderful portrayals of animals in chalk pastel. Maurice-Quentin de la Tour, a 17th century pastelist is a great example of what can be done with pastels as well. The instructors that have helped to nuture and encourage me as I explored the world of art deserve the most credit, however. Thank you for pushing me.

Media: I work in various media both traditional, physical media and computer-based art programs. On the computer I usually "paint" in Corel Painter (X) using a Wacom Intuos II graphics tablet that has been around for nearly 10 years. When I work traditionally it varies greatly, but I mostly stick to dry media, such as colored pencils, chalk pastels, pencils, and charcoal. I have come to enjoy gouache and watercolor and have also been known to dabble in oil paints, though my current "studio" space is not set up for oils, unfortunately.