Drawing III work with the prompt of things in opposition, this is titled "Captivity and Freedom."

There are various types of captivity and freedom. There is the physical captivity of the slave, forced to work for whatever master purchases him or her, thankfully this is mostly outdated and not widespread. The more pervasive type of captivity that abounds today comes from addiction and abuse. No less damaging to the human body and a thousand times more harmful to the human spirit. Our actions in life do one of two things, no matter how large or small; they bind us or they make us free. By making the correct choices we can continue to grow, progress, and live unhindered by cumbersome baggage. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy, but it will create a freer, more complete life. If we constantly chose things that drag us down, bind us, and brings us to the subjection of whim and passion, we find ourselves stumbling along in an ungainly, jarring fashion.

Like the horse who resists even the most gentle and soft hand, they move forward, but without grace or finesse and with more effort and trial than another who gives to the subtle pressure and gentle guidance of a knowing hand. While it might initially be viewed as a restriction, the guidance received allows the horse to move with more fluid grace and balance than initially thought possible. Not only does he become graceful, fluid, and balanced on the ground, but carrying the extra weight of a rider, the extra burden of another, he moves with apparently effortless grace.

Charcoal on 30"X66" (technically three 22x39" sheets) BFK Reeves Printmaking paper.

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Original for sale: $1.500 or $1,200 for just the two horse pieces.