Part of the Horse Art Role-Playing Game (HA RPG). Sweetbriar's Blackberry Bramble of Sweetbriar Creek Stable, owned by *XxLifeIsOursxX, a rather handsome blue roan Brabant stallion who won the Versatility/Champion of Show award last year at BMa's first annual Spring Draft Show. Congratulations and I hope he was worth the wait!

Colored pencils on 9X12" bristol board, though the image size is 8X10. Mostly Derwent's Studio colored pencils with a bit of Staedtler's Ergosoft colored pencils in order to get some descent saturation and depth. The Derwents tend to be terribly weak in pigment, though I did want a bit of a softer feel for this one, thus I didn't just dive for the Staedtlers or Prismas from the get-go.