Welcome to KunstFeuer Studio!

October 2016- Long time no update! Hoping to get my resumé updated and starting to clean up the portfolios (again) in the next few months. Life has been busy and updating this site has been low on the priority list, unfortunately.

June 2012-Some minor updates to the portfolio. Starting to organize the tutorial and teaching sections.

March 2012-Continuing to update portfolios. Those images with links should now work. Life continues to be busy with my business as a riding instructor and updating this site has a tendency to take a back seat.

October 2011-Portfolios are slowly coming together. Until they are sorted and back in order you can view my most current work on DeviantArt.

This site has reached another stage in its evolution. At this point, however, the title "Evolving Insanity Studio" no longer suits the mood and theme of what is presented here, thus the change in name from "Evoloving Insanity Studio" to KunstFeuer Studio. KunstFeuer is a merging of two German words, "Art" and "Fire" respectively to represent the passion for art and the creative process. Pardon any dust and clutter as I slowly piece the site back together. Below is an explaination of the main sections.

Home: Where you're at now, with mention of updates to the site, access to all the other sections, and information about the artist, my resumé, contact information, links to other places around the internet that might be interesting and information about conventions and other events I will be attending. You can return to this section simply by clicking on "KunstFeuer Studio" on the banner.

Portfolios: Where the artwork is, this includes photography as well as drawings, paintings, performance and other works. The work will be divided into portfolios of the best work I have in each category and individual series.

Sales: Same as it was before, information on artwork and prints for sale as well as commission information for those interested.

Tutorials: A new section dedicated to resources for artists containing original content that I have created. This includes step-by-step pieces, information on proportions and anatomy, and even suggestions on how to take professional pictures of your art.

Instruction: Putting my BFA in Art Education to use this section contains information about current and upcoming classes and cirriculum.