Copyrights are very important to any artist, writer, photographer, or anyone who produces some form of original work. Copyrights protect the artist/creator from people who would steal their art and use it as their own or for their own gain.

Word for the wise: don't steal art, don't post art you've traced/copied from another person, and certainly don't sell something that you stole from someone else.

The following are links that explain in greater detail copyright laws.

U.S. Copyright Office - Including Frequently Asked Questions, difference between Copyrights and Trademarks.

10 Copyright Myths Explained - Brief, easy-to-understand explainations.

As far as the terms of use for art on this site:

You can:

You may NOT

I thank you for your understanding and advanced complience to copyright laws and the application of common sense when it comes to the usage of art that is not yours. For further details on my own art please e-mail me.