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Riding Lessons

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                          Welcome to the Trout's Corral,

                           Located in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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Trout's corral is home to C.E.R.T. Horsemanship.

C.E.R.T., also known as "Cori's Equine & Rider Training",

specializes in riding and driving lessons for all ages and skill levels.

C.E.R.T. covers Western, English, and Trail Riding disciplines.

C.E.R.T. also offers lessons in cart and carriage driving.

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C.E.R.T. has a variety of horses available for use.

C.E.R.T.'s focus is on centering the riding and having fun, while being safe.

               C.E.R.T. Students Learn:

Horse maintenance and care
Tacking and prep
Ground work
Rider centering
Equine knowledge
Respect and love for horses
Safe riding habits
Balance and proper seat

               C.E.R.T. has horses for all riders or you can use your own:

Beginner: Fjord - Kitt


Intermediate: Quarter Horse - Sunny
Percheron - Charm-N
Haflinger - Mac


Advanced: Arabian - Kash


Disciplined: Haflinger - Chewy
Belgian - Ruby


Crazy: Sorry, no horses available

               C.E.R.T. is administered by Cori Trout:

Cori holds degrees in Equine Science and Art Education.
She has over 20+ years experience working with horses and riders.

Cori has achieved Level 2 certifications with the
American Riding Instructor's Association in:
- Basic Horsemanship
- Recreational Riding
- Dressage
- Driving

C.E.R.T. currently has students ages 5 and older.

For more information feel free to contact Cori at:





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