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"What man misses mostly in heaven
is company". 

Mark Twain, a very deep man.

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Welcome to Chris' Page.


Chris grew up in Chandler Heights, Arizona.

He graduated from Gilbert High School and later had the opportunity of attending Arizona State University.

He holds three college degrees and still wishes one was in Fly Fishing.

He has had many opportunities in life:

--  Worked with McDonnell Douglas on quality control and Six Sigma programs.

--  Employed by the Gilbert Police Department while completing his Associate Degree.

--  Served a church mission to Spokane Washington and enjoyed serving and meeting the wonderful people up there.
          It was in Washington where he received his first lessons in fly fishing.
          The Spokane, Columbia, Clearwater and Snake Rivers were his testing grounds.
          Chris' flies can still be found in trees near each one.

--  Employed at the General Motors Desert Proving Grounds as a test driver of some of the coolest and most advanced cars ever designed.
          He spent an additional 4 years as a fuels technical analyst testing and engineering automotive fuels from around the world.


Chris and Cori travel often and never seem to have enough memory cards for the cameras.
          He enjoys horseback riding, fly fishing and camping.


E-mail: chris@troutscorral.com



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We took this picture in Yellowstone National Park.

I wish it was our backyard.