house and area

The House and Area



We live at the base of the San Tan Mountains in Queen Creek, Arizona.

We have two seasons: summer and not summer.

Below are some pictures of the area and our property.



Property 001.jpg (12356 bytes) Living at the base of the San Tan Mountain range
provides some really nice views.
Note the pine trees we've planted here in the desert.


Property 003.jpg (12679 bytes) When we built the house we wanted
a country feel. This door bell is just one of the things we added.


Property 002.jpg (19815 bytes) The house foundation is two feet above ground level.
So we added a retaining wall to the front and
created an elevated front yardscape.

Someone has some mowing to do.


Property 004.jpg (16442 bytes)     Property 005.jpg (32488 bytes) Trouts and pine trees go hand in hand.
No one expects to see pine trees in the desert.
Seventeen of the twenty-one trees on site are pines.

2011: Note how big the trees have gotten.


This picture was taken between December 28, 2004 and January 20, 2005. You can see the tack room and some old cement slabs. We had two citrus trees, six pine trees and two other types of trees on site at this time.

Aerial 001.jpg (8791 bytes)


This picture was taken during construction. It was taken on February 3, 2006 probably around 11:00 am. The corral and 3 covered stalls are in the upper left corner. Once the piles of dirt were removed, we increased the corral size and added three more stalls.

Aerial_002.jpg (9163 bytes)  



This picture was taken in early 2008. Sometime before we planted the fruit trees on the south side of the house. It shows both stall areas and a very large round pen. It looks like the truck and horse trailer are gone so we must be out riding.

Note the really nice cement driveway entrance the county made us put in. It will come in handy if we ever need to taxi an airplane.

Aerial 003.jpg (12859 bytes)