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"The Trout Gang" , minus two.



Cori and Chris are from great families.

This page provides information about each one.


We also have included some links to friends sites as well.




The Trout family traces their roots from

Russia to Germany to Illinois.

Most of our Trout relatives can still be found in Illinois.

Our Trout line has lived in Arizona since the early 1950's.

Chris' family consists of two brothers along with mom and dad.









The Robinson family traces their roots from

Switzerland to Wyoming to California.

Most of the Robinson relatives enjoy life in Wyoming.

Our Robinson line moved from California to Arizona in 1990.

Cori's family consists of two brothers along with mom and dad.



In this section I'm envisioning pictures of family members doing fun stuff:

Repelling off the Empire State Building,
Paragliding down the Grand Canyon,
     Barreling over Niagra Falls, or
Graffiti-ing the White House.

Maybe a blog about why spotted cows are spotted
why it rains mainly on the plains in spain.

Maybe a "must read" book list:
    Starting with _____ (what's the shortest book ever written? - must have pictures).

Maybe some good jokes or stories.
     Like the time we drove through Texas. (both a joke and story)

Rest assured We'll be posting some good stuff here soon.